Friday, 12 August 2011

dwindling summer

So papergirl was absolutely lovely! I didn't take my camera as it was raining but as soon as there are photos around I will post a blog about it. There was a surplus of amazing illustration work from Newcastle; a somewhat underrated arty city, you have to dig for it, but it's there...

I was looking through old photos of my family(n'aww) and I found some treasures... Lots of really cool photos by my parents from the 80s too which I will slowly but surely upload. I have a huge backlog of things to post about I just need to jolly well get round to it.

In the meantime, here is my beautiful family.

Mum and sam
(Look at how beautiful my mum is!)

Sam and mum

My big brother is such a cute little button here.

Dad is the coolest man in the world
(I personally think that my dad is the coolest man in existence. He worked as a fire breathing, escapology-doing clown to get him through med school and is now a psychiatrist but still really really funny and cool and awesome. Look at those glasses!)

All of us
LOOK! polaroid!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

work in progress

I am sick of cutting out little triangles but here is a work I am doing for the project 'papergirl'.
You can read about paper girl here!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

my room is a shit hole!!


really want to start blogging conscientiously but my room is so messy that I can't possibly concentrate.
This is what it looks like and how it makes me makes me feel...

Monday, 1 August 2011

I didn't realise I actually had any followers!

Welcome, welcome, welcome one(or five) and all...
I don't know how to fulfill a genuine welcome but now the having of followers gives me an incentive to actually post I guess...

Complimentary mix of good songs for you(which I actually made for Yasmin but it's musical love worth sharin' yo)

family portrait
And for something visual, here are some dolls that I made... maybe I'll post more on them, but from now on I am going to be a proper blogger.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Now that I am in the knowledge that I can post properly...

I've been obsessing over childrens books for a long time; I don't know whether it's my general lack of attention span or 8-year-old demeanor or whether the delicate whimsical stylings of childrens book illustration serves as an opiate to my chaotic little mind...
today I was supposed to go job hunting, as that time has fell upon me, but, daunted by the real world, I decided to paint Little Red Riding Hood, and her friend and mine, the moderately sized morally eschewed one of two carnivorous mammals that typically live and hunt in hierarchical packs and prey on livestock and game animals and little girls and their grandmothers. This is what I managed to make;
wolf 004 little rougie 001

I wanted to make the wolf seem almost endearing as I think that as a predatory animal it was not out of malice that he played such fatal tricks on little red, but something he couldn't help. I think that there's a little bit of the 'big bad wolf' in us all. except me, of course.